Whitby Gin – The Bottle With a Beautiful Secret!

When Whitby Distillery re-designed their bottle they took inspiration from the beautiful costal surroundings of Whitby. The bottle shape is based on the buoys that bob around in the sea, while the rippled relief on the bottle is reminiscent of the movement of the waves. The artwork ties everything together with a stylised picture of Whitby Abbey, perhaps the most iconic image of Whitby.

However the most beautiful part of the bottle can not be seen until you lift it up, turn it upside down and look at the base. There you will find the perfect impression in the glass of an ammonite, which are regularly found along the coastline.

Once finished we suggest you up-cycle the bottle instead of re-cycling it. They look fantastic with bottle lights or as a candle holder. If your feeling a bit more adventurous why not convert it into a lamp or even an oil lamp!