The Elusive Isle of Harris Gin

For many years the Isle of Harris Gin has been like the holy grail of the gin world. The complicated buying process of ordering on their website and then going along to a ‘click & collect” stockist has been replaced. Now you can call into selected gin shops and buy it over the counter. Durham Ginstitute is delighted to say that it has been chosen as one of these specialist outlets.

The gin itself is a firm favourite amongst dry gin fans and will only become more popular as more people discover it. The star of the show is sustainably and locally harvested sugar kelp seaweed. A range of botanicals including cubebs, coriander seed, cassia bark, liquorice root, angelica root and orris root are used to create depth of flavour. Then bitter orange peel and red grapefruit are added to give it a citrus note and balance up the spice.

Presented in a beautiful aqua coloured bottle with a ribbed outer design reminiscent of the waves this gin really is a must have in your gin display.