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Northern Fables: Laidly Wyrm Gin (5cl)


  • ABV: 40.2%
  • Size: 5cl

Type: A smooth, modern dry gin with Star Anise as the star of the show.

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“When the beautiful Princess Margaret, daughter of King Ida of Bernicia, becomes enchanted by her jealous step-mother she is transformed into a Laidly Wyrm (Loathsome Dragon) who terrorises her father’s Kingdom. Only by the kisses of her heroic brother , Childe Wynd, can she be disenchanted and the Kingdom freed of such terror.
Be ye Princess, Dragon or Hero, you cannot fail to be enchanted by this superbly crafted gin, blending the finest natural botanicals and crystal clear Northumberland water.”

Tasting Notes

Botanicals: Juniper, Star Anise and 8 other secret botanicals.

Try adding: Pink Grapefruit.

Mix with: Marlish English Tonic or Artisan Skinny Tonic.