I Build Digital Portfolio of Simon Leighton

Looking for digital know-how that grows businesses? Meet Simon...

Hi, I'm Simon Leighton. I help companies to develop really successful websites and apps.

I'm a creative lead developer experienced in building fast, secure and easy-to-use digital applications that produce brilliant results for businesses.

I'm currently working with Virgin Money to build the future of digital banking.

What you'll get:

  • Clear Strategy

    Actionable technical advice to establish and sustain your competitive advantage

  • Quality Development

    Professional, tailored code built to quickly start producing results

  • Continuous Improvement

    Long term analysis and constant innovation that ensures you'll stay ahead

Backed by skills and experience you can rely on:

  • Elite digital agency development and management background
  • First Class Honours Computer Science BSc (Newcastle University, UK)
  • Google Analytics and Mobile Sites certified partner
  • Oracle Policy Modelling Trained

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